Example 8. As the author sold the programs

(Russian text)

(Another articles of V.Ochkov)

Michael Zhvanetsky is often asked where he took themes for his miniature. I look through the window and listen to the conversations in the street it is the reply of great satirist. And how do you keep in mind all these? new question is followed. Oh, I can not forget them!.

Worldly plots are worth to collect for writing computer etudes. It is the hobby of this books author.

The authors profession is the teacher of the institute (Moscow Power Engineering Institute), where he gives courses by informatics and adjacent disciplines. He directs the group of technologist and programmers too. They work out the teaching programs and computer trainer for thermoelectric power station and nuclear power station[1]. Our programs are necessary for Power Stations and power mergers. But the notorious crisis of non-payments prevents to buy them. Such computer etude took place in March 1997.

The join-stock company Tambov-power had not got free money but wanted to buy our programs. The electric power is necessary for Kotovsky paint and varnish plant (PVP-Tambovskay region.) for production. Paint requires Moscow Power Engineering Institute for repair the lecture-halls. Our scientific group is necessary new computer iron, tools and of course wages. For solving such programs people invented money[2]

at dawn of civilization. The natural exchange-barter[3]

revived transfer of our country from something unreal to market. As we have written previously there is not only one link for the chain was locked. Fortunately MPEI got some computers. Two of them we exchanged to the paint. In this combination only the part of described computer etude is concluded. If we remember chess interpretation of the word etude it is solution of the puzzle by composition of the steps.

The second part of the computer etude took already place in Tambov and Katovsk (PVP). (The story will be told from the first person) In Tambov-power I was given the letter for getting paint and varnish productions for 14 millions roubles (of course it was old money) after I turned over our programs. It paid off their debts for electric power. Then I was sent to Kotovsk. At first in the sales department PVP I was refused to give paint bluntly for some strange debts but not real money. But after threat of switching off light and heat they were agreed with difficulty. Paint which suited[4]